School Bag Hooks From Safehook – Robertson Primary School

Robertson Primary School in Brisbane made the right choice to replace their old traditional steel school bag and hat hooks with Safehook OZIhooks, the results speak for them selves.

Robertson Primary School Brisbane – New School Bag Hooks

The OZIhook is gaining in popularity with over 1,000 schools around Australian now using a Safehook Classmate product. Our Classmate range of School Bag hooks and coat hooks are all made in Australia from premium materials guaranteed not to disappoint and guaranteed to stand up to the harshest environments, both indoors and or out.

Robertson Primary School have recently (July 2020) installed OZIhooks around the school. The school has been creatively providing space and individuality so as to maximise the room children have to hang up their hats all by turning and mounting  their Ihook’s sideways. Now that’s smart.

A Novel Way To Hang Up A School Hat – Turn Your School Bag Hooks On Their Side

OZ-I and OZ-Yhooks form apart of the Classmate range of hooks from Safehook and have been tested in house to support up to 150kgs, these products not only look good they’re tough and they’re safe too.

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We are Safehook, we supply Safehooks, we are not Smug or Snug Hooks. Our hooks have been proven to be the Toughest Hooks in the market and provide great value for money without compromising strength, durability and safety, and they look good too.

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