Safehook OZIhook Installation

Safehook OZIhooks – Carlile Swimming Centre NSW

Safehook OZIhooks – Towel Hooks Installed Over Tiles In Carlile Swim Centre’s Change Rooms At Killarney Heights In NSW

The folk at Carlile Swim Centre’s have installed OZIhooks in their change rooms at their Killarney Heights Swim Centre in NSW, towel hooks were installed over tiles and they look wonderfull. Its the perfect environment to use these products as they will stand up to any amount of water and steam with out rusting, designed for maximum safety, easy to clean and easy to install, we love the way the colours work with their tiles.

Safehook OZIhook Installation
Change Rooms at Carlile Swim Centre Killarney Heights, NSW

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OZIhooks are available in a range of colours that will compliment most colour schemes. Easy to install, easy to clean, strong and affordable these products are built to last in the most severe contract environment, and they’re made right here in Australia.

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