OZIhook and OZYhook Fixing Screws Change Notice

Safehook Fixing Screw Kits – (1st April 2020)

You may notice a difference to the screws supplied with recent orders for Safehook OZY and OZI hook products.

Owing to difficulties in sourcing painted screw heads from our suppliers all fixing screw’s supplied in our OZScrew Kits will in future be supplied with unpainted Screw heads.

OZhook screws continue to be manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel suitable for fixing screws both indoors and out.

When installed correctly using the screws supplied (refer Safehook¬†Installation Instructions) our OZ-I and OZ-Yhooks have been tested in house to support up to 150kgs, Safehooks not only look good they’re tough and safe.

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