Euro V2 School Bag and Hat Hooks – Colour Your Way

Now You Can Colour Your Way With Safehook’s Latest Euro V2 School Bag and Hat Hooks

Check out our latest colour pallet, there are over 360 different colour combinations that you can order your new school bag and hat hooks, and the best thing about it is that these hooks will save you time money and space, there’s three good reasons alone that will more then brighten up your corridors & school bag storage area’s.

Safehook’s latest moulded School Bag and Hat hook to join our Classmate Education range has all the hallmarks of our Ihook Mk2 products, versatility, ease of cleaning, easy to install, safe, strong, built Australian Tough for Australian conditions, with the added feature of an extra large hook area, for bigger bags, back packs, and school hats.

Moulded from hard wearing polypropylene the Euro V2 doesn’t need painting and is easy to clean. These hooks are made using SteriPlus Anti microbial additives included at the time of moulding and are sun tough.

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