Goulburn North Primary School Installation of OZIHook’s

We were impressed to see how Goulburn North Primary School had installed their new School Bag and Hat Hooks.

OZIHooks installed at Goulburn North Primary School in NSW
Safehook’s Minimise Clutter In Hallways

Being organised, getting bags off floors and onto walls has never been easier, the folk at Goulburn North Primary School are a great example of just how to do that. OZIhook’s installed on their side offer the school a creative way of separating bags and hats and provide children with a colourful safe place to store their school bags and hats. Gone are the days of replacing old broken hooks, these easy to install hooks are made in Australia and provide a great option to bag racks and or lockers, especially where traffic flow and space is important.

Many thanks to Alan Bensley at Goulburn North Primary School for showing us around, Alan, the schools bag hooks look great, well done.

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