Welcome to safehook New Zealand. Our products are safe, functional, affordable and built tough to withstand our harsh environment. Made with the added benefit of SteriPlus Anti-Microbial Additives.

What we do

Our products are cleverly designed, made tough and tested to do the job whatever the environment. Our brands consist of three main categories.


EURO V2 The Euro V2 hook offers a larger hook button for bigger bags and school hats, a cleaner refined design with SteriPlus Anti-Microbial additives.

iHook MK2

iHOOK The iHook offers a clean refined design with the SteriPlus Anti-Microbial additives – many different colour combinations are available.


OZY-HOOK Oz-Y Hooks are available in a range of colour combinations, suitable for indoors or outdoors, with an extra hook for added flexibility.

Why choose Safehook?

This good-looking bag hook range is a fun, colourful, safe, functional bag storage solution for use indoors or out.

Safe & Reduces Injury
No sharp edges, protruding hooks or snapped metal.

Strong & Handsome
Interesting, colourful and supports up to 150kg.

Australian Made
High quality, value for money Australian made products.

Anti-Microbial (Polymer)
Our antimicrobial polymer by Steritouch provides an extra level of safety.

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