Safehook Stowmate Fixing Rail Systems

Stowmate BagTrac – The Best Way to Mount Your Safehook School Bag & Hat Hooks.

Stowmate BagTrac mounting rails, designed specifically for use with your Safehook Ihook products offers End Users and Specifiers a smarter way to wall mount Safehook bag and hat hooks.

Interlocking aluminium rail extrusions available in two stocked lengths (1.5m and 3m)when securely fixed to a wall offer a low maintenance, heavy duty fixing alternative to traditional wooden rails. This product is easy to install, easy to clean, built for indoor and out door applications, Won’t rot, won’t fade or rust, won’t ever need repainting and is naturally bug resitant. Made from durable heavy duty Aluminium, with hidden wall fixings Stowmate BagTrac’s can be cut to size at site and joined using our unique joiner mouldings and end of row caps that provide for continuous row assembly.

Stowmate BagTrac and OZIhooks installed at Hilda Road State School, The Gap, Queensland

Stowmate BagTrac’s are available as a Non Combustible Option that includes all Aluminium parts and which when paired with Safehooks AI Ihook meet and comply with Australian Standards relating to installation on a deemed Non Combustible Wall. Noting AI hooks and Stowmate AI components are supplied as an additional to our standard moulded components.

Stowmate WM BagTrac systems compliment our Stowmate FS2400 Freestanding systems, together Safehook has you covered.

Stowmate Free Standing (Fixed Pedestal Base) BagTrac
Stowmate Free Standing (Fixed Pedestal Base) BagTrac

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