OZ-Y Hooks Installed at Eastern Ranges School, Victoria. Australia

Eastern Ranges School, Victoria Australia

Chosen for all the right reasons the OZ-Y Hook ticked the boxes for storage and OH&S – Safehook Australia helping to provide a safe wall storage solution.

At Safehook we are always interested to see how our customers use our products. Eastern Ranges School in Fern Tree Gully, Victoria were kind enough to send through a photo of their OZ-Y Hooks recently installed in their School and we are proud to share the photo with you.

Available in a range of none coloured buttons and two coloured bases, the OZ-Y hook is perfectly suited for use in schools, sporting clubs, public swimming pools etc etc. Moulded from hard wearing Polypropylene and suited for indoor or outdoors these hooks are rated to hold up to 100kgs and tested to support over 150kgs our OZ range of hooks are tough, and will go the distance when and where other products fail. Great idea’s in wall storage that don’t cost the earth from Safehook Australia.

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