OZ-Y hook – Custom Logo’s Now Available

Affordable Logo’s, Crests, Number Decals, For Your OZ-Yhook’s.

How Good do these look? Custom Logos for your OZ-Y Bag & Hat Hooks.

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to customise your wall hooks. Safe Hook Australia is pleased to announce that it is now able to supply custom printed decals that fit perfectly with your OZ-Yhooks.

We offer an indoor and and or outdoor decal that simply fit neatly into the recess on the face of the OZ-Yhook body button. Decals come with a peel off backing sheet and 3M adhesive (super strong) ready to go. All you need to do is provide us with your art work and let us do the rest.

Minium Order Quantities of 30 decals per print order, with cost’s around AU$2.00 (plus GST and postage) per decal make this a super affordable option. Our printers are Australian based and capable of turning your decal around in 14 days (Not including public holidays). So its fast, affordable and they look great too.

What a great idea for sporting club’s, school logo’s and crests, or for that matter any promotional opportunity. You are truly limited a by your imagination as to what you can do.

“Worth Hanging Your Hat On”

Enquire now, or drop us a line at sales@safehook.com.au

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