OZ-Ihooks At St Brigid’s Public School, WA

St Brigid’s Primary School, Middle Swan WA

OZ-Ihook’s – St Brigid’s Primary School, MIDDLE SWAN, WA

“Please send more bag hooks”
Peter Constable
St Brigid’s Primary School.

And we will send more Peter with absolute pleasure. By the way the new OZIhooks look great, congratulations.

Peter was kind enough to share a photo of his before and after installation what you see above is the New here is what the school replaced.

¬†Easy to install, easy to clean, colourful, safe and strong, Safehook’s OZ-Ihook is the perfect choice for school bag and hat hook storage. Built to survive indoors or out, these hooks will stand the test of time and we are sure they will please. Proving yet again that Safehooks are more than just Tough Hooks, they look great too.

OZ-I and OZ-Yhooks have been tested in house to support up to 150kgs, these hooks not only look good they’re tough and safe.

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