General Purpose Heavy Duty Wall Hooks

Safe Hook OZ-hooks, getting gear off the floor and onto the wall easily.

Installing Safe Hook products indoors or outdoors isn’t a problem. Built from hard wearing injection moulded polypropylene our products are manufactured using UV stabilised materials, this makes our hook products last longer, in even the most severe climates. These hooks are truly more then just tough hooks.

Both of our OZ-hooks are supplied with heavy duty stainless steel fixings that add to the strength of these products. We tested these products to support up to 150kgs without failure and are happy they will more then adequately pass muster.

Strong, Functional and Safe our OZ-hook products are designed and manufactured in Australia and suitable for use in most commercial environments, schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, clubs as they are at home.

For more information and or to buy our products visit the Safe Hook web site and or call 07 3511 1668 we’d be happy to help you.

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