Euro Hook’s Installed at Talara Public School, NSW. Australia

Talara Public School – Jan 2018

When space is your enemy, and your school’s bag and hat storage area’s need a lift, Safehook Australia has the solution.

At Safehook we are always interested to see how our customers use our products. PDA Construction and Building in NSW were kind enough to send through a photo of our Euro Hooks as installed at Talara Public School in NSW, we think the end result speaks for its self.

Educators continue to tell Safehook about issues they have with bag & hat storage area’s, particularly that associated with those older built in and so called “modular” bag stalls. The issue of space is worsened as many of those older units we have seen can be made with the most rudimentary and in some case dangerous materials eg. Fibro. We constantly hear how those bulky old bag stalls constipate walk ways and further confine storage areas making for an entirely different set of problems, none the least child safety and security, not to mention cleaning. Our Safehook products offer a great alternative to those traditional bulky bag stalls and luggage racks. Our Safe hook products are compact, easy to maintain, easy to clean, strong and manufactured from materials that will last inside or outdoors; made to withstand the harshest Australian weather conditions, they look great too.

Available in a range of six colours, the Euro hook is perfectly suited for use in schools, sporting clubs, public swimming pools etc etc. Rated to hold up to 40kgs without failure these hooks are tough and will go the distance when other products fail, and if 40kgs isn’t enough consider our Oz-Y Hook which we have tested to hold up to 150kgs without fail, and our products are affordable too! Great idea’s in wall storage from Safehook Australia.

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